CRAZY DONALD (Old Macdonald)

Grannyjan in pussy mode

Crazy Donald had a plot–E-I-O-my god!
It might work or it might not–E-I-O-my god!
Put a wall up here, put a wall up there
Here a wall, there a wall, ev’rywhere a wall wall
Crazy Donald had a plot–E-I-O-my god!

Crazy Donald had a plan
E-I-O-my god!
Nuke Iraq and nuke Iran
E-I-O-my god!
Kill a fam’ly here, kill a fam’ly there
Here a corpse, there a corpse, ev’rywhere a corpse corpse
Crazy Donald had a plan–E-I-O-my god!

Crazy Donald had a dream–E-I-O-my god!
Smash Obama’s health care scheme–E-I-O-my god!
With a sick boy here and a sick girl there
Here a pang, there a gasp, ev’rywhere a cough cough
Crazy Donald had a dream–E-I-O-my god!

Crazy Donald made some pacts–E-I-O-my god!
He’d make up all brand-new facts–E-I-O-my god!
With a falsehood here and a falsehood there
Here a lie, there a lie, ev’rywhere a lie, lie
Crazy Donald drove us nuts–E-I-O-my god!

Crazy Donald locked the gates–E-I-O-my god!
Screwed the kindly welfare states–E-I-O-my god!
But he didn’t count on the pussy cats
who would dog his steps in their pussy hats
till Donald had to abdicate–E-I-O-thank god!

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