MONKEY SONG (tune: Swingin’ on a Star) 2/17 Vimeo

Oh, would you like to live in DC,
Where the wild life chatter merrily?
You could hang by your tail from a tree–
Or would you rather be a shark?

A shark is a critter with a mouthful of knives
He gashes and slashes at his will
He bought his job with lots of Russian help
The fix was in, so we were sure to yelp!
‘Cause if you’re swimmin’ around him in the dark
You could get eaten by a shark.

A laughing hyena dyes his hair very bright
His comb-over looks like it’s alive.
His mouth is filthy and his mind pea size–
He watches Fox and then repeats their lies,
So if a laughing hyena is your friend
You’re gettin’ bitten in the end.

Or would you like to live in DC
Where the wildlife dance so merrily?
You could hang by your tail from a tree–
or would you rather be a croc?

A croc is a lizard who’s the king of the swamp
He slithers and wallows in the mire
He thinks the bog is his to be devoured
And all the lady crocs to be deflowered
So if you don’t mind the stink of dirty socks
You may go swimmin’ with the crocs.

A donald’s a duck that tweets much more than it quacks
It brags that it never paid a tax.
He thinks Rash-Putin is his good ol’ bud
He runs the country like he’s Elmer Fudd.
So if your life feels just like a Looney-Toon,
It’s cause your leader is a Loon.

‘Cause all the monkeys aren’t in the zoo
In the White House you meet quite a few
So you see, it’s all up to us
Don’t stay at home and be a wuss!
Let’s all come out and make a fuss!

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