Wear Your Pussy Hat (TUNE:Do the Hucklebuck–SEE CHUBBY CHECKER)

If you’re feelin’ down low
Remember what all cats know
We are mighty queens, so:

Be a clever cat
wear your pussy hat
Doesn’t matter if you’re not a Bernie Democrat–

It’s Mother Nature’s law
To fight with fang and claw
When ev’rything he says or does is stickin’ in your craw.

He says he’ll grab and snatch
At any boob or patch
Because he’s rich and crude and male,
he’s presidential, natch!
We’ll show him we reject’im
We never would elect’im
of all the tomcats in the world,
We never would select’im

So be a clever cat –smash his ego flat
Whatever else you say or do just wear your pussy hat!

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