Crazy Donald 2

Crazy Donald 2
(Tune of “Fascinatin’ Rhythm”)

Crazy Donald, what’s the matta?
You’re a person quite non grata
Crazy Donald, we’ve got news for you.

When you coddle alt-right nazis
Do ya think we’re spineless patsies?
We’ve got lots of ways of losing you.

Though you threaten fire and fury
in your demented tweets
We won’t cry and moan and worry,
We won’t retreat
We’ll yell in the street!

Crazy Donald it’s our mission
We’re the loyal opposition
Soon we’re gonna see the last of you!



Crazy Donald had a plot–E-I-O-my god!
It might work or it might not–E-I-O-my god!
Put a wall up here, put a wall up there
Here a wall, there a wall, ev’rywhere a wall wall
Crazy Donald had a plot–E-I-O-my god!

Crazy Donald had a plan
E-I-O-my god!
Nuke Korea and nuke Iran
E-I-O-my god!
Kill a fam’ly here, kill a fam’ly there
Here a corpse, there a corpse, ev’rywhere a corpse corpse
Crazy Donald had a plan–E-I-O-my god!

Crazy Donald had a dream–E-I-O-my god!
Smash Obama’s health care scheme–E-I-O-my god!
With a sick boy here and a sick girl there
Here a pang, there a gasp, ev’rywhere a cough cough
Crazy Donald had a dream–E-I-O-my god!

Crazy Donald made some pacts–E-I-O-my god!
He’d make up all brand-new facts–E-I-O-my god!
With a falsehood here and a falsehood there
Here a lie, there a lie, ev’rywhere a lie, lie
Crazy Donald drove us nuts–E-I-O-my god!

(last verse higher)
Crazy Donald locked the gates–E-I-O-my god!
Screwed the kindly welfare states–E-I-O-my god!
But he didn’t count on the pussy cats
who would dog his steps in their pussy hats
till Donald had to abdicate–E-I-O-Thank god!

Asparagus (poem)


It pops up from the bare ground, stiff and ready.
growing by the second
and if you snap it, young and crisp,
you can eat it raw
juicy like the rain
flavor green as spring.

But, if you forget it’s there,
under the pear tree,
at the back of the garden,
or keep too busy in the house,
look out someday and see how,
as a tall, graceful fern,
it reproves you for your lack of love
as a thousand lacy tendrils droop with longing.