Songs for the Season (post-election 2016)

He’s Not My President–
(“How About You?”) This is a song from Babes on Broadway, 1941. Learn it from Youtube,
then sing it with your Raging Granny Group or Barbershop Quartet or whatever . . .

He’s not my president–how about you?
Us, he can’t represent–how about you?
He’s under-qualified–for swabbing out the zoo,
But tact and diplomacy, truth and democracy–
Hasn’t a clue-oo!

We’ll watch him like a hawk–how about you?
Each lying tweet and squawk, from him and his crew.
We can’t wait for him to implode
holding the nuclear code–
We’d all be through!
But we’ll trump him,
Then dump him,

and this one is written to an old swingin’ number, “Isle of Capri” Catch it by Sinatra.

Song of Love and Loathing
(tune: Isle of Capri)

Our president is a sexist-racist lummox
We have a congress that we can’t abide
Our guvmint’s made us all sick to our stomachs
It’s been a horrible blow to our pride.
It’s not the country we thought we were born in
with all our efforts to tweak it in place;
yet we must wake to the fact every mornin’
and keep a brave little smile on our face.

Lincoln told us all are equal
In this country proud and free
Perhaps he saw the painful sequel
How hard to keep democracy would be.

So we will mourn as we gather together
until the tears have all dried from our eyes
But we won’t let our democracy wither
and we won’t stand for our planet’s demise.

So let’s be patient and kind to one another,
And keep our rights and our values in mind.
Let’s be courageous protecting each other
And cherish those who’ve been left far behind.


When I was thirteen
I met a noblewoman on the streetcar
as I climbed those three high steps
and she was waiting to get off.

I thought she was old; her hair was gray
under her Forties’ hat
and that’s every last thing I know of her.
But for a second our eyes met
absolutely and spoke.

“I know. I see you. You’re not alone.”

I’ve kept the kindness of it all these years
with never a doubt that she, too,
took home a treasure.