The Fed has cut off the $350 thou grant that, in past years, has helped to support our Santa Cruz Homeless Services, an absolutely necessary and beautifully-run group, which has been housing the most fragile homeless people to keep them from dying on the streets (and also saving the city a lot of money in other support services to these poor folks).
They have offered food and shelter to hundreds each day,
people who have no way to pay the outrageous costs of living
here–and probably nowhere else, either.

The Raging Grannies are singing at a benefit for Homeless Services on Saturday evening, June 13, at the Long Marine
Lab. Please come hear our heartfelt songs. You can print
them out and sing ‘em with us!

No Place to Roam
(Oh Give Me a Home)

Oh, what’s with the Fed?
Do they want us all dead?
They have weakened our one link to life
What will we do now
since that piddling few thou
has been cut by the bureaucrats’ knife?

Where, where can we go?
Our lives are so hard, don’t they know?
We’ve no place to roam
Santa Cruz is our home
We have friends here who comfort us so.

The Shelter is more than a roof and a floor,
It’s a place for the desperate lost
For a woman and child
who’ve been hurt and defiled
It’s a haven from life’s stormy shore.
(Repeat chorus)

Oh why can’t they feel
How we all need a meal
and a place to lie down when it’s night?
There’s an old Golden Rule
that you should not be cruel
when you know somethin’ just isn’t right.


(Over the Rainbow)
Somewhere, out in a meadow
by a stream
There’s a home with a bed,
Oh why is it just a dream?

Out there, people are welcome
though they’re broke
If they stay clean and sober,
Careful of what they smoke.

Someday, I’ll find a cozy tent
where I don’t have to hide my face and weep nights.
I’ll keep my space all nice and neat
and rest my poor exhausted feet–
That’s where I’ll sleep nights.

Somewhere there‘s sanctuary
for you and me
If they build it we’ll come and live there in dignity.
When the winter is cold and raining
we’re warm and dry
In our home in the meadow
watching the storms roll by.

In spring, we’ll make a garden
growing our peas and beans
think how healthy we’ll be
how luscious our home-grown greens.

We used to look around and see
that other folks have homes to be secure in
They watch TV and never think
Hey, I could very quickly sink
to lows that you’re in . . . .

Somewhere there‘s sanctuary
for you and me
If they build it we’ll come and live there in dignity.

If folks in Santa Cruz will care
enough to build a camp—–
That’s where we’ll be!

(Bye, Bye Blackbird)

I left home at sweet fifteen
Mom was drunk and Dad was mean
Now I’m homeless.
Drifted down to Santa Cruz
Life is hard, I sing the blues
But I’m not hopeless.
Folks out here don’t stigmatize and brand me
I found friends who love and understand me.
I’ll get a job and learn a trade
Show ‘em I can make the grade–
Homeless, no more!

Me, I’ve been a drunken fool
Hated school, acted cool,
Now I’m homeless.
Got no place to lay my head
Got no bread, should be dead,
But I’m not hopeless.
Found a place I’m happy to work hard in,
raisin’ flowers in the Homeless Garden
Clean and sober now and then,
Hope I won’t slip back again,
Homeless, no more!

We had a house in San Jose
Then our jobs were shipped away;
Now we’re homeless.

B of A foreclosed tout suite
Threw our kids out in the street
But we’re not hopeless;
In the Family Shelter we have aid now
Still together, we’re not so afraid now.
Homeless folks are just like you–
Soon we’ll have our own place, too
Homeless, no more!

We’re all folks who need a place
To take a leak and wash our face
We’re all homeless.
Anywhere we try to roost
Cops arrive and we get goosed
But we’re not hopeless!
Now the city’s talking sanctuary
Someplace safe that’s warm and sanitary.
If Santa Cruzans have a heart
We could get a brand-new start–
Homeless, no more!