Falling Asleep

I use this method for falling asleep, whenever my mind wants to
worry itself and keep me awake: I just go through this list of things I like, and I never get very far down the line before–oh, it’s morning! Make your own list and try it.

As I lay me down to rest
I count some things I like the best,
And if I’m not asleep by 10
I start from 1 and count again.

1. A sharp-eyed red fox perched on a stone wall in Yosemite.

2. Two pale green eggs from my neighbors’ little chickens.

3. Three white-trunked birch trees in front of a tall red house.

4. The Ink Spots, singing “If I Didn’t Care”

5. A very tall, large Christmas tree, fragrant of pine, decorated with hundreds of beautiful and clever ornaments made by art students.

6. Six small, fluffy white clouds in a row, in a blue sky.

7a. The seven dwarfs (but I can’t remember one of the names: Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Doc, and ?

7b. Second movement, Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony.

8. El Capitan seen from the entrance to Yosemite Valley.

9. A library with cozy armchairs.

10. An old dimestore that smells like popcorn.

More Raging Granny Songs (they keep acomin’)

(Over the Rainbow)
Somewhere, out in a meadow
by a stream
There’s a home with a bed,
Oh why is it just a dream?

Out there, people are welcome
though they’re broke
If they stay clean and sober,
Careful of what they smoke.

Someday, I’ll find a cozy tent
where I don’t have to hide my face and weep nights.
I’ll keep my space all nice and neat
and rest my poor exhausted feet–
That’s where I’ll sleep nights.

Somewhere there‘s sanctuary
for you and me
If they build it we’ll come and live there in dignity.
When the winter is cold and raining
we’re warm and dry
In our home in the meadow
watching the storms roll by.

In spring, we’ll make a garden
grow our own peas and beans
think how healthy we’ll be
how luscious our home-grown greens.

We used to look around and see
that other folks have homes to be secure in
They watch TV and never think
Hey, I could very quickly sink
to lows that you’re in . . . .

Somewhere there‘s sanctuary
for you and me
If they build it we’ll come and live there in dignity.

If folks in Santa Cruz will care
enough to build a camp—–
That’s where we’ll be!